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General Forms and Law:

Divorce / Paternity Options Chart: This one page chart reviews the different types of processes you and your spouse / partner can consider when deciding how to resolve your case.

Florida Statues related to Divorce and Paternity  The law is often difficult to understand and interpret and it is highly recommended that you seek the advice of a licensed attorney when considering your options.  However, this link will direct you to the basic laws of Florida that apply to dissolution of marriage and paternity cases.

Florida Courts Self Help Center Forms  The Supreme Court of Florida has provided all forms necessary to address all family law issues for pro se (non-represented) parties.

Twelfth Judicial Circuit Family Division Information & Forms  This web site has information on the Judges and Magistrates in the Twelfth Judicial Circuit of Florida (Sarasota, Manatee and DeSoto Counties).  There is also information about the Parenting Information classes that are required to be taken by all parents going through a divorce.  There is also a link to forms that can be used if you are involved in the court system and do not have an attorney.

Manatee Clerk of Court  On-line access to the Manatee County Clerk of Court for review of all recorded documents and legal filings with the clerk.  Also, full access and information regarding child support cases.  Under Family Law there is information regarding the fees for filing cases and the procedures to be followed.  Also helpful is the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Sarasota Clerk of Court  On-line access to the Sarasota County Clerk of Court for review of all recorded documents and legal filings with the clerk.  Also information on child support enforcement.  Additional information on fees for the court and procedures to be followed.

Financial Forms (Divorce & Paternity Cases)

Financial Affidavits  Each party to a divorce or paternity action is required to exchange a financial affidavit.  The link provides an online form that can be filled in and produce the full form with all calculations.

Mandatory Disclosure  In addition to the Financial Affidavits, the parties to a divorce are required to exchange specific documents to ensure that both parties are aware of all current financial circumstances.  This form is a list of the documents to be exchanged.

Equitable Distribution Spreadsheet  The linked form provides a basic spreadsheet used to help determine the assets and liabilities of the family.  From this the parties can work towards an equitable distribution agreement

Needs & Ability to Pay Spreadsheet  Often one of the most difficult issues to be addressed in a divorce is the issue of spousal support.   The linked spreadsheet can be helpful in determining if one spouse has a need for support and if the other spouse has the ability to pay support.

Parenting Forms (Divorce & Paternity Cases)

Parenting Plans  The State of Florida and the 12th Judicial Circuit have developed standard parenting plans to be used by parents of minor children.  These forms address all necessary information for the Court to approve a parenting plan in a divorce or paternity case.

Parenting Education Classes  All parents of minor children going through a divorce or paternity case are required to attend a four hour Parenting Through Divorce class.  This link provides the local classes in Sarasota and Manatee Counties.  In the 12th judicial circuit the parents are not permitted to attend an online class unless the Court approves for special circumstances.

Parenting Coordination Forms  In high conflict cases parents often benefit from the services of a Parenting Coordinator appointed by the court.  Information about the program and the forms necessary for the appointment of a Parenting Coordinator can be found here.

High Conflict Parenting Class  For parents going through a high conflict divorce or paternity situation are often assisted by attending a High Conflict Parenting Education Course offered by Life Lessons of Manasota.

Child Support Guidelines  The State of Florida has developed child support guidelines to be used for the payment of child support in divorce and paternity cases.  This links to the a child support calculator to determine child support.  It should be noted that this form does not provide details that may be necessary for the calculation of proper child support and should only be used as a rough guideline calculation.

Post Divorce Forms and Links

Post Divorce Checklist.  A list of items that must be taken following a Final Judgment of Dissolution

Qualified Domestic Relations Order  Following a divorce the parties may require a Qualified Domestic Relations Order to divide 401(k) plans or other pensions.  There are many attorneys in Florida that provide this service.  This is a link to one such firm that I have successfully used.  This link is provided for information only and is not an endorsement.  I have no affiliation with this firm of any kind.

Collaborative Law

Letter to Spouse for Families with Children.  This is a sample letter that I provide to clients to give to their spouse for families that have minor children.

Letter to Spouse for Families without children.  This is a sample letter that I provide to clients to give to their spouse when there are no minor children in the family.

Next Generation Divorce  I am a member of this Practice Group in the Greater Tampa Bay area.  Included on this website are other collaborative professionals in this practice group, all of whom are qualified to provide assistance in a collaborative divorce.

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals  IACP is an international community of legal, mental health and financial professionals working in concert to create client-centered processes for resolving conflict.

Collaborative Family Law Council of Florida  The Collaborative Law Council of Florida, Inc. is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to promote and foster collaborative law in Florida using an interdisciplinary approach with allied professionals working with parties and their attorneys in resolving legal disputes.