Elder Mediation

Often the major transitions that seniors face can cause painful conflict for the seniors and their adult children. There may be disagreements about safety of the parents in their home, care giving responsibilities, wills and estate, the sale of the family home and the parent’s ongoing driving.

All of these issues can lead to conflict that can last for years or result in litigation that costs the family dearly.

Critical decisions may be put on hold during the time of conflict.  This is when the assistance of a professional mediator can help.  A skilled mediator facilitates the conversations that must occur to meet the needs and interest of all the concerned family members.

Elder mediation is an efficient and sensitive solution to the complicated elder care decision making process.

We offer a dignified and respectful approach to helping families find the best solutions to these and other issues, while treating the aging parents with the respect , sensitivity and dignity they deserve.

Through Elder Law Mediation we are dedicated to bringing families together to achieve the most practical and positive results to the many day to day challenges our elderly parents face. Whenever possible, the parents and all interested parties come together to work towards positive results that address all of the concerns of the participants.

Elder Law Mediation is also an effective way of dealing with guardianship and probate issues without litigation. As an experienced attorney-mediator I know that litigation is always emotionally devastating, costly, time consuming,  and too often results in broken family relationships and financial devastation.

Before you institute litigation on probate, elder law, guardianship or other family issues of aging parents please call O’Day Resolutoins and experience firsthand how effective and productive Elder Law Mediation is!