Creative Solutions to Family Disputes

I know that families going through transition can face painful and difficult decisions.  These transitions, such as divorce, child custody, caring for aging parents or support issues, can cause conflict in any family.  The mission of O’Day Resolutions is to help families go through these changes with minimal conflict and expense.  I offer services that allow families to make the difficult decisions through mediation, collaborative law and parenting coordination.  These methods keep you in charge of deciding what is best for your family by staying out of the legal system.

Resolving these conflicts through the court system is expensive, takes an enormous amount of time and is very stressful.  Our court system is based on winners and losers, but this is often not what is best for the family.  As a Board Certified Attorney in Marital and Family Law, I saw too many families spend their life savings on their divorce only to end up with results that did not meet their families long term needs.  This is why I have focused my entire practice on resolving such family conflict without the need to litigate.

There are better ways to make the transitions that your family faces.  Mediation allows all of the parties to come together to determine the best path forward.  I will work with each family member to reach an agreement that meets all of the individual needs.     As a Collaborative Lawyer or Facilitator I will work with a collaborative team to help my client reach an amicable settlement agreement to divorce and paternity issues without the need for court intervention.    As a Parenting Coordinator, I work with High Conflict Families to reach a new understanding and a new style of co-parenting that focuses on the best interest of the children.


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